Topiary Swan - Large

Topiary Swan - Large
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Product Description

This topiary large swan is created on heavy duty hand crafted and welded wire frame.

Topiary is 15" high, 19" high with the wood base.

Frame is stuffed with clean long fiber sphagnum moss and fastened with monofilament.

Heavy rooted ficus repens (creeping fig) is planted into the body and pinned down with topiary pins.

To keep it alive moisture is crutial.

In moderate conditions this topiary must be fully moisten at least once a week. For fast watering, place it in large container/sink filled with water half way up and let it slowly absorb the water (15 - 20 minutes). Drain and place it back on wooden stand.

Topiary Swan Filled With Sphagnum Moss - Large
Topiary Swan Filled With Sphagnum Moss - Large
Rigid welded frame filled with sphagnum moss ready to plant.
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