Table top topiaries

Table top topiaries
For the past one hundred years, our family has been in the business of creating topiary art sculptures, topiary animals, topiary forms and sphagnum moss products.

Topiary Art Works is recognized as a leader in topiary arts. We have been called upon to create some of the largest topiary sculptures in the world. We are also credited with creating exquisite tabletop topiary sculptures.

For the topiary enthusiast or interior designer, tabletop topiary sculptures are a fine addition to any home, office or outdoor garden. Tabletop topiary sculptures make magnificent centerpieces and add a touch of class to any table. Tabletop topiaries are also great for the office or outside in the garden.

Our tabletop topiaries are affordably priced and range from under $10 USD to $140.00 USD

Tabletop Topiaries range in height and are no taller than 34" .


 Don't over water your table top topiary  Small topiaries should be watered ever 4-5 days  Water your topiary if the outer layer of sphagnum moss is dry to the touch


 Water topiaries by dunking the in water.  Fill the sink or small tub with water, submerge the topiary under the water surface and wait for the air bubbles to stop coming out.  Drain the access of water and place it back in its place.


Topiary Angel Topiary Letters and Numbers - Initials topiary frames customTopiary Sm. Dancing Bear
Topiary Lg. Dancing BearTopiary baby teddy bearTopiary Bear - Large Planted
Extra large Teddy BearTopiary Cat Planted - Baby (small)Topiary Cat Planted - Large
Topiary Dachshund   - 14" long
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $32.00
Donkey Sphagnum Moss Topiary
Topiary Frog - Planted With Ficus Repens
Topiary Turtle - SmallTopiary Turtle - mediumTopiary Large Turtle
Topiary Standing Rabbit - 17"Topiary Large Standing Rabbit 25"Topiary Bunny - 16"
Topiary Baby BunnyTopiary Elephant - Small 9"
Regular price: $18.00
Sale price: $14.00
Topiary Elephant - medium 15" long
Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $29.00
Topiary Elephant - Large 28" Long
Regular price: $120.00
Sale price: $98.00
Topiary Poodle Topiary  monkey - small
Topiary Monkey - Medium Filled With Sphagnum Moss 27"
Topiary large hanging monkey
Topiary small giraffe
Topiary large giraffeHeart Topiary - Filled With Sphagnum Moss - Small
Topiary Swan - Large
Topiary Small ButterflyBaby Pig Topiary Planted with Ficus RepensTopiary Butterfly - large filled with sphagnum moss
Pig Topiary - filled with sphagnum moss 5" long
Topiary ReindeerTopiary Rooster
Topiary Deer - 17"
Regular price: $60.00
Sale price: $45.00
Topiary MouseTopiary Schnauzer
Mushroom topiary - mini Mushroom topiary - small
Mushroom topiary - medium
Mushroom topiary - large
Small Snail Topiary
Large Snail Topiary
Schnauzer topiary stuffed with sphagnum moss - 19"
Topiary Duck - 13" long
Regular price: $20.00
Sale price: $15.00
Dragonfly topiary frame - 35.5" wing span
Small Sphagnum Moss Topiary Camel
Topiary Bunny Planted with Succulents
Topiary camel - large planted with ficus repens 28" high
Dinosaur T-Rex topiary frame 21" high - 35" long
Angel fish topiary - 21" long
Angel fish topiary filled with sphagnum moss - 21" long
Schnauzer topiary frame - 19"
Topiary Schnauzer Frame - 19" painted green
Whale topiary - 14" long
Topiary Bear and Balloon - 24"
PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI - rigid life size topiary frame
Regular price: $98.00
Sale price: $71.00
Regular price: $98.00
Sale price: $71.00
French Bulldog Topiary Frame - 17"
French Bulldog Topiary Frame Filled With Sphagnum Moss - 17"
Baby Poodle Moss Topiary - 9"
Regular price: $19.00
Sale price: $10.00
Large Sailboat Topiary Frame  - 36"
Small Sailboat Topiary - 14"
Large Sailboat Filled With Moss - 36"
AIREDALE Dog Topiary Frame - Life Size - 29" to the top of the head
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $112.00
Topiary planting and care instructions
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